What is Aural Rehabilitation?

Hearing loss isn’t necessarily going to permanently affect a person’s ability to listen and learn language through hearing what has been said.  In fact, several practices focus on the rehabilitation of a person’s listening skills. Between hearing aids, cochlear implants, assistive listening devices and communication practices, numerous  options are available to those who have  suffered from hearing loss. Aural rehabilitation and learning to improve listening skills takes time, but can be incredibly effective when engaged correctly.

What is Aural Rehabilitation?

Aural rehabilitation is the therapy services designed to improve a person’s ability to listen following the loss hearing. Due to technological advancements, today’s hearing aids and cochlear implants provide complete access to spoken language and in conjunction with therapy provided, are the primary aural rehabilitation tools. As part of an aural rehabilitation program, you can learn to optimize the use of your hearing aids or cochlear implants.  Aural rehabilitation will help you to learn to listen, to better understand speech and language , and to communicate effectively through the use of your devices.

The Importance of Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants

Aural rehabilitation is beneficial to individuals they have been properly fitted with hearing aids or if needed, have been deemed a cochlear implant candidate and have been implanted. Aural rehabilitation is effective in conjunction with the use of a hearing aids or cochlear implant devices utilized typically during every waking hour in order to maximize their listening skills. Everyone acclimates to hearing loss and aural rehabilitation  at their own pace. Depending on their age, health and cognitive abilities, a person’s hearing loss can be helped and listening skills effectively improved.

Hearing aids or cochlear implants can help an individual perceive sounds which they may not otherwise hear. This can also help to improve a person’s understanding of speech. Many individuals who have suffered from hearing loss rely on hearing aids and cochlear implants for social interactions, leisurely pursuits and employment. Ideally, the use of hearing aids or cochlear implants in conjunction with aural rehabilitation services can restore one’s quality of life by reducing, circumventing or eliminating hearing challenges.

Ongoing Aural Rehabilitation

If a person undergoes ongoing aural rehabilitation, he/she will benefit from the assistance of experts in the field of hearing impairment. Day-to-day exercises are used to improve the person’s listening skills. Typically, these exercises focus on developing and improving the auditory memory, auditory, discrimination and association skills. Therapy services will  also focus on improving auditory perceptual skills in an effort  to improve the individual’s ability to hear discrete differences in sounds and ultimately improve communication and speech perception skills. Counseling, of course, is provided. The counseling helps to enhance the individual’s confidence and he/she becomes a more competent listener. It also helps the individual deal with the practicalities of using a hearing aid or cochlear implant.

At it’s core, ongoing aural rehabilitation helps  individuals learn to deal with a lifelong disability. It also, however, helps the individual achieve a high-quality lifestyle. Even though upon initial diagnosis, it might seem that hearing impairment can come with  many limitations and lifestyle changes, these challenges can certainly be managed and overcome. Aural rehabilitation is evolving and changing as advancements in technology drive the direction of current therapy trends helping individuals overcome any obstacles. Through ongoing auditory skills management, auditory perception training, counseling and the use of device instruction, a person can completely change their life—and positively.

Specialized providers are trained to help those with hearing loss reclaim such high-quality lifestyles. While the rehabilitation process can take months or in some cases, even years, it is certainly worthwhile. If you or a loved one have suffered from hearing  loss, feel free to discuss options with a provider today. Bliss Speech and Hearing Services, Inc.  takes pride in helping our patients, and we are  ready to help each and every individual obtain the life they deserve. Contact us if you are in need of aural rehabilitation. We promise we will be here for you.

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