Speech Therapy in Dallas, TX

At Bliss Speech and Hearing Services, Inc., we specialize in working with children and adults with a variety of speech and language disorders & speech therapy needs. We take pride in providing you with the best care possible to meet your needs. Through the care and guidance of one of our highly trained and experienced speech pathologists, you or your child will learn to speak clearly, improve your communication skills, and, through improved speech and language abilities, have an enhanced quality of life.


Speech therapy services are provided to children and adults with communication disorders. At Bliss Speech and Hearing Services, Inc. in Dallas, the speech pathologist works with you or with your child to determine whether or not intervention is needed to learn to say the sounds correctly or clearly. The speech therapist will assess and determine if you or your child can benefit from language intervention because language skills are not at age level, will determine whether or not you or your child are using an appropriate pitch, and will assess fluency. The speech pathologist then treats and helps to improve you or your child’s speech, language, cognition, voice quality, swallowing or fluency skills.


Speech and language disorders can result from a variety of causes including hearing loss, cleft palate, learning differences, developmental delays, Autism, Down Syndrome, brain injury, vocal pathology, genetics or from an unknown cause.


Our speech therapist will teach the use of correct speech and language skills in the best way possible so that your child, or you as an adult, can be heard and understood by others loud and clear.