Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation in Dallas, TX

Cochlear implant rehabilitation is provided to infants, children, and adults following cochlear implant surgery and hook up of the external device. For infants and children, it is critical to pursue cochlear implant rehabilitation immediately after the external cochlear implant device has been hooked up, especially when a child is born without hearing and the parents desire for the child is to learn to listen and develop spoken language. The infant or child must learn to utilize the auditory information provided through the cochlear implant device in order to develop speech, language, and literacy skills.


When an adult has been hearing, but suddenly loses that sense, pursuing cochlear implantation may become an option. Oftentimes, once implanted and hooked up with the device, cochlear implant rehabilitation will help the adult regain the ability to hear through the use of the implant. The process of learning to listen will likely develop more rapidly with the help of a specialist in the field of cochlear implant rehabilitation and speech therapy.


Once implanted with a cochlear implant device, at Bliss Speech and Hearing Services, Inc. in Dallas, we will initiate baseline testing and will then provide you with the cochlear implant rehabilitation services individualized for you or your child. Individually designed exercises and speech therapy activities will be implemented with information that will help you to make the most of your newly implanted device. Through the expertise and guidance of our highly trained speech therapists, your cochlear implant rehabilitation sessions will improve you or your child’s ability to communicate verbally using your auditory skills to the fullest potential.