Aural Rehabilitation in Dallas, TX

Aural rehabilitation is a speech therapy service provided to both children and adults who have been diagnosed with hearing loss. Typically, Aural Rehabilitation is an intervention that takes place following hearing aid fitting or cochlear implant hook-up. It involves working with the hearing impaired individual providing strategies to better utilize his or her listening skills. Aural Rehabilitation involves training the brain to process and understand auditory information, teaching how to monitor speech through listening, and learning to develop listening skills in each ear separately and integrated.


The evaluation process includes assessing the individual through formal testing, but also involves evaluating the hearing aid or cochlear implant recipient’s desires and emphasizing the areas of weaknesses in his or her auditory, speech and language skills. The patient will attend speech therapy sessions, which focus on developing skills that will maximize his or her overall communication skills. Treatment plans are developed and administered in the office by our expert speech pathologists with additional activities provided that can be utilized at home to encourage carryover into daily life.


Short and long term goals are developed through the guidance of the speecu therapist with the input of the adult or child.


At Bliss Speech and Hearing Services, Inc. in Dallas, we work tirelessly as we strive to achieve success in establishing communication skills at the highest level possible for each individual we see.