Auditory Verbal Therapy in Dallas, TX

Auditory-verbal therapy is a method of treatment that promotes intervention at the earliest possible time in conjunction with use and enhancement of the best technology available. Auditory-verbal therapy is designed to teach deaf and hard of hearing infants and young children to listen and to develop spoken language to the fullest extent possible. The primary goal in auditory verbal therapy is to provide a child who has a hearing loss with the tools necessary to grow up listening and learning spoken language alongside their typical hearing peers, ultimately allowing the child to participate successfully and fully in the mainstream society. Infants and children with any degree of hearing loss can learn to listen through the use of hearing aids, cochlear implants and assistive technology.


Auditory-verbal therapy is a parent-centered approach. The auditory verbal therapist engages the parent in activities designed to enhance the child’s auditory skills. In turn, the parent takes what he or she learns and integrates the activities and information into their daily lives.


At Bliss Speech and Hearing Services, Inc. in Dallas, we design an individualized speech therapy plan to enhance your child’s listening skills to the fullest extent possible. We include you in each and every speech therapy session providing you with the tools necessary to teach your child, providing ongoing carryover activities to incorporate into your daily lives. This, in turn, will allow your child to learn spoken language and communicate and excel in the mainstream society.